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boudoir photos

I’m Christy.

Some people think that boudoir photos are just about looking sexy for someone. Although you will absolutely come away with some sexy photos, it more about what you see when you look at your boudoir photos that matters to me. Do you see that powerful boss that works hard everyday at her job? Do you see that classic beauty that you always strived to become? What about the body that might have a little extra fluff here & there, but it is what created your beautiful children so you are learning to love it?

As the premier boudoir photographer in Lincoln, NE I want your boudoir photos to show whatever sexy means to you- powerful, classic, bad ass, or a little of each. Every woman is different, so your boudoir photo shoot is catered to fit you.

As the mom of two beautiful little girls, I am especially aware of all of the pressures & expectations put on girls of every age. I work to show women that they don’t need to conform to anyone else’s ideas of what a woman should be - you are perfect just as you are!

My number one job when creating your boudoir photos is to remind you of your beauty, your power, and that you are WORTH IT. 


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boudoir photos

“She really made me feel confident and beautiful.”

— A. W.

Let’s create your unique boudoir photos

You deserve it.

You deserve it! Your power, your unique features, and your fearlessness are things that should be celebrated today and always!

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